Learning to Clean.

In case you’re curious… I am from Cambodia and my name is Sreyroth Phon, or ផ្កាឈូករ័ត្នផុន in my language. Sreyroth means Sunflower, so that is the name I use in English. Four years ago I moved to Bozeman. My first job here was cleaning for the Yellowstone Club, and I also worked in a food truck. Now I have my own business, Cleaning by Sunflower. I hope to meet you someday!

It seems most people hate to clean or organize their house, or even their bedrooms. But not me. I remember I started cleaning and organizing my own room when I was seven or eight years old. I was very happy and I liked how my desk, my bed, and my floor looked so clean. My clothes were all folded by category.

In Cambodia we believe in keeping our house clean and believe that letting the sun shine in can bring luck to us.

Then I asked myself, what is the point to tidy only my bedroom but not my entire house? How did I begin? I remembered what my teachers at the primary school told me about how to be successful.

They said everything needs to start from one, which means start from the bottom and go to the top. So I started to clean from downstairs to the upstairs, and I did it once a week when I didn’t have school. The first week was hard, but it got easier after that. It became a habit.


What I discovered about keeping the house clean and tidy is that it really affects our lives. It keeps us smiling, and when we smile we can bring joy to others too. When the house is tidy it can make our lives so much easier, we know exactly where to look for what we need.

We all want to be happy in our one life. I want to see others happy too, that’s why I choose to work as a housekeeper and organizer. In Bozeman, people are so busy with work and making a living and not everyone has time to care for their home. And that's why Cleaning By Sunflower is here.

"Sunflower has worked in our home for over two years. I am so grateful for her and her work! She is always positive and hard working as well as a kind and trustworthy person who does a great job for us. Much stress is eliminated from my life due to Sunflower's work....she's dependable and understands what we need. Thank you Sunflower!"