It all started a long time ago. In a land quite unlike Bozeman Montana.

I suppose it started with a cultural habit. The first thing we do in the mornings where I come from, every day, is clean the home. A clean home is healthy, a clean home pleases the spirits. (if you want to buy into that or not, its none of my business) When I was little, I would come home to clean and organize my own room. It was something I had control over... It made me feel proud. What started with one room became the whole house. My entire family was now proud. To have a happy home. It was the least I could do for my mother, and younger brother and sister.

It was a rocky road across the ocean, we wont get into that now. (maybe someday) But one thing that amazed me was that I could actually get paid to clean here. Cleaning services? So what I once did for entertainment was now my job. Cool. When I called my family to tell them how I was making money, they had the same reaction I did. They couldn't believe someone would PAY someone else to clean anything. I started out with several different companies and for the first time in my life I was making real money. More in a week than my mom made in a couple months. It felt amazing. My own little slice of the big American apple pie. All my employers loved my work. After all, I was just doing what I had always done, so I had little to no trouble holding jobs at some of the higher tier companies in Big Sky and Bozeman.

After two or three years, it became apparent that my fellow service cleaners didn't share my enthusiasm or passion for the job. I was pulling more than my own weight whenever we were on the job. So they make as much as I do, but they hate it? Not hate... It was just a job for them. My adopted American father, Steve kept looking at me through those nerdy glasses, and saying that anyone would be happy to have me in their home. That I could share my culture with them and brighten their lives (like a sunflower!) And whats more? I could make a lot more money working for myself.

So I took the leap. Steve helped me set up business licensing, a website, checking account, and printed out my first 120 primitive business cards. After a stressful divorce, I had saved a little bit of money... A little less than twelve hundred dollars.

I stood there for a long time at House of Clean. Staring at a commercial vacuum. Staring at the price tag... $500. Telling myself...

"Its do or die Sunflower!"

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