Beyond Cleaning

Why cleaning for a living? Because it’s extremely satisfying. It makes people happy. Cleaning is a dirty job, but once you’re done the results feel great. I've cleaned my whole life. I’ve cleaned everything from one room cottages to giant villas and vacation rentals. My big secret? “Do it now, and do it right!” Easy to say, less easy to live by.

Everyone has a different expectation about everything. Communication and patience is what will bridge the gap. People may say patience is limited since we spend good money to get our expectations. Thats true. Those who like to make things work will always find a way. So if both parties are willing to communicate each of their needs, everyone will be happy with the result.

Today 01/18/18, I had a great conversation with my client about good house cleaners. From my experience, people have a budget and they are looking for something inexpensive. Nothing wrong with that, but more often then not, I’ve found that you get what your pay for. I’ve lost track of how many clients have told me they’ve decided to switch housekeepers. Not reliable and not honest.

Every employee that has worked for me have told me they are very happy with their wage. I take pride in paying people what they are worth. I never grew up with much money in my house. I still remember… Having to feed my younger siblings when mom was working in another village. I was 8 years old. I didn’t know much. But I did know how to go to the market and buy a jar of pickled vegetables. So I did, and we ate for another night. It’s so incredible to me to see where I’ve ended up. Growing up like that gives me a wonderful perspective on what is possible now. It was as true then as it is now. Hard work and dedication will always take us where we want to go.

Kompung Chaam, Cambodia

This brings me to my 2018 mission statement:

1/As an immigrant, I didn’t expect this to happen. I struggled finding a job after I move to this country. Now I see so many people that are in the same position I was. They need to pay rent, buy diapers, keep food on the table. I am creating work and that fills me with a sense of pride. I like to pay my employees well for their hard work. That is its own reward.

2/When I was very young people asked me “What do you want to do when you grow up?” My standard answer was “I want to build my mom a house.” I had no idea how I was going to do it… Now I understand. Thanks to a lot of sweat and tears, my childhood dream is becoming a reality this year. Construction has stated, but I won’t rest until its done!

3/My grandma used to say I was crazy because I volunteered to teach English to little kids free of charge when I was 19. Why did I do it? I always wanted to go to school and speak english. I had a dream of going to college,

but it didn’t happen because my family couldn’t afford it. It wasn’t there fault. There just wasn’t enough money. I guess what Im trying to say is that I never want anyone else to go through what I had to. My next goal is to help disadvantaged people go to school and be able to get and education.

Sunflower’s 28th birthday wish

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