Thankful For 2018!

How many of you still can not believe it is 2019 already?

I couldn't until I finished this thankful letter.

It's very exciting! There are more houses to clean and more tax to pay!

Sunflower team

I am writing today to say Thanks to all of my wonderful and kind, hard working employees.

Thanks to all of my clients for trusting in us to make their daily lives easier.

Thanks to my community to keep us safe and always there for each other.

Thanks to all of my friends and families.

And a millions Thanks again to all of my clients! Because of you Cleaning By Sunflower, LLC get to where it is now.

In Oct/2018 we created a bonus program to our honest and hard working employees. This was my dream in starting my company.

In Sep/2018 Sunflower built a house for her mother in Cambodia.

I told my mother, "this money wasn't free, I worked really hard and I had to paid tax on it before it got here."

And I had to explain about taxation in U.S to my whole family.

Sunflower first time saw the house. Love her grandpa.

Now I am ready for 2019!

Sunflower and her team wish you all to be healthy, happy and safe!

Be kind and be respectful to others,

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