Tea For The Soul

Hello my friends,

Let's give our mind and soul a break from the outside world for five minutes by being in our kitchen.

My mother has been video chatting with me everyday from Cambodia. Last week she advised me to make sure to have plenty of ginger, limes and black pepper at home (not toilet papers).

So she instructed me how to make homemade ginger's tea to keep my body and soul warm since I am living in a cold area.

FYI, we don't use recipe or cook book for most of our authentic dishes or homemade tea but I am going to try my best to make one.

Homemade ginger's tea recipe:

A/ 2 cups of water

B/ 6 slices of ginger

C/ 3 slices of limes or lemon

D/ 1/2 tea spoon of grounded black pepper

E/ 1 teaspoon of honey


water > boil

boiled > add B,C,D and E together.

It's ready to serve at any temperature you prefer to drink.

You like to taste that spicy from ginger and black pepper.

I noticed my soul love that warmness feeling <3

I hope yours too.

Stay lovely and healthy.


#health #happiness #meditation #calm #warmness #tea #home #love #care

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