Your Home is your Temple

Happy sunshine's day!

What a beautiful and peaceful morning.

Nothing stops sunrise from sharing its beauty and love.

We can choose to ignore or appreciate it or take it all in.

Feeling joy and love is the gift we can offer to ourselves and others and it's accessible anytime and anywhere.

In my early childhood I liked going to the pagoda to listen to the monk preach or the elderly people praying.

By watching, I learned to show respect to our temple or home by keeping it clean and organized.

By observing, I learned that to be kind to others with no expectation is the key to happiness.

Why Sunflower clean for living?

Because of:

1/ The need money quick to build my mother a home in Siem Reap, Cambodia (built late 2018)

2/ The understanding that wealth flow in if we are healthy mentally and physically.

3/ The wanting to contribute to the world by:

* offering jobs

* make people's lives easier

* bringing more books to disadvantage children in Cambodia.

Stay healthy and happy like sunshine.


#home #health #love #care #happiness #calm #writing #criticalthinking #bloging #sharing

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